Monday, March 28, 2011

Taking the plunge

I guess I will just jump right in...

I've been really getting into researching decorating stuff from Craigslist to Ikea to blogs.
Actually I'm obsessed! But when you find things like this...
It's only 19.95 at Pier1 and it's made from recycled glass.

I think I will take two! 

Actually the thought of decorating is really stressing me out. I really like DIY projects. I like bright colors, mixed matched furniture, unique pieces that all just go together and I love PAINT.
But my biggest fear is that I'm not going to be able to fulfill my dream house fantasy because
1. Jeff- My husband

He has a contemporary style. However, he is a bit of an aristocrat. I get the feeling he thinks it's easier just to buy and hire than do it yourself.

2. I have no sense of fashion soooo why should I have a sense for design and decorating?

These ideas may sound good but once I purchase them and get them into the house it may just look shitty.
I will be posting pictures of good ideas that I come across.

Yesterday, Betsy brought over my birthday gifts:

Napkins from World Market with gold napkin rings and burnt orange placemats. I will be returning the placemats. I'm not really sure what color to replace them with. I have red, yellow, and orange Fiestaware and some floral dishes. I'm thinking tan, green, or blue.
The Keurig was the B40 model. I had to research what that meant as far as pricing and features---and yea, it's the cheapest one. I compared this model to the B60 and B70. I then decided to take it back to Kohls and upgrade to the B70.
 I had the 30% off coupon... so once all was said and done I had to pay 6.36 for the $180.00 model! Plus, I got a bonus of $20 Kohl's cash. STEAL! I do love this machine and am very excited to shop for coffee. I should also mention that I am a bit concerned with the longevity of it. I came across several reviews off many websites and reports say that it dies after a year. And yes, the warranty is only a year! Once I plugged it in and tried to get it working, water kept cycling through filling up mug after mug. I filled up the reservoir several times, unplugged it, plugged it back in, and finally it just decided to work. Haven't had any more problems and hope that it stays that way.

She also gave me these which I like a lot too.

As for the house, we will find out today what's going on with the loan. There were concerns that Jeff's job is not stable enough because he is only part time and doesn't get paid in the summer. He has to get a letter stating what his hours, pay, etc. from school to give to them. The inspection is today too which I imagine won't have any problems.

Everyone at school kept coming up to me complimenting me about my picture in the paper. It's the MEDINA GAZETTE!!! nothing to get all worked up about. haha:) 

I also got an invitation in the mail for the 2010-2011 Annual Awards Luncheon. I guess I'm being given an award for being an "Outstanding Educator". I didn't hear anything about this until I got the invitation so I'm not sure how big of a deal it is. It is being put on by the State Support Team for Region 8. I will definitely attend because the menu sounds good. YUM YUMS!